Be a Booth Babe ?

Being an advocate and work for a brand or company is to become the image of the same for the duration of the work. The image, transmitting a promoter skills are essential to convey a good or bad image to the public or final customer on the company or brand that is represented. As truly carry out this task involves a lot of responsibility. As regards the requirements that must have a promoter, not many, a good height, good presence, sympathy, warmth, are among the factors that stand out in a good promoter. Marita Trento and Vanesa Ruas is the most famous girls Latinoamerica !

What kind of work can develop promoters?

They are many and varied, from a conference or convention to participation in a sporting event. Promotion of public highway in a brand or product, develop advocacy in a supermarket or retail outlet; are many options that may arise.

What is an agency of models or Developers?


The agencies and companies engaged Models are responsible for capturing models and offer them work, they make contact with the client and seek the right profile as a model for development work. Developers agencies develop different actions for businesses and brands, offering solutions, providing resources such as personnel (promoters), clothing, POP materials, etc...

This section will proceed to explain the basics to be able to develop your good work. It is a basic training, you will help a lot in your first job